Top Team Building Activities in Miami for Corporate Events

It’s no secret Miami is one of the hottest business hubs in the country right now, particularly for finance, entertainment, international trade and commerce. 

It is also extremely accessible with flights to and from over 150 destinations in the world and over 50,000 hotel rooms.

All of these factors combined with Miami’s plethora of diverse attractions makes it one of the best possible destinations for your next corporate event.

In this guide, we’ll explore a variety of activities perfect for groups large or small, young or old, active or laid-back, guaranteeing options that cater to everyone’s preferences.

We’ll also include some of our favorite budget-saving tips and tricks so you can earn some brownie points with your company. Let’s begin!

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Walking Tour

While Miami is too vast to explore entirely on foot, there are several wonderful areas that are perfect for walking tours.

Miami Beach, Coconut Grove and Coral Gables are all great places to learn about Miami’s history, architecture or even its ghost stories.

It is also a great way to get everyone moving and enjoy the nice weather.

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Party Bus

Riding on a Miami party bus can be the perfect activity for your next corporate adventure. 

You can have it take you on a bar crawl where you hit Miami’s best happy hours, use it for transportation to and from dinner, or even just ride around for a couple of hours while your coworkers dance their faces off.

The wraparound seating creates an intimate environment so no one feels left out, while the LED lights and speakers create a fun environment to cut loose!

Also, we offer 20% discounts on Sunday through Thursday, so you can take advantage of great savings with your next corporate event!

Need a Party Bus in Miami?

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Charity Work

One of the best activities for local companies is to plan a group volunteer day with a local charity.  This is a great way to increase everyone’s stake within the community and feel good about themselves.

It’s also a great form of free advertising!

Some of our favorite local charities are Feeding South Florida, Lotus House and the Miami Foundation.

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Everyone loves to go out on a boat in Miami!

Home to some of the clearest water in the world and the 3rd largest skyline in the country, a Miami boat ride is like no other. 

As a result, there are hundreds if not thousands of charter boats, ensuring there is one for your size and budget. We recommend reaching out to charter companies as soon as you start making your plans to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Golf Outing

Miami has a ton of beautiful golf courses that are open to the public, offering a great way to get your company outdoors. 

You can even plan a golf tournament if you want to get the competitive juices flowing. 

One drawback of a corporate golf outing is that participants are typically divided into groups of four, which can limit interaction among the entire team. Avoid this by having groups switch up halfway at the 10th hole.


Beach Day

If you’re not trying to spend a fortune on a boat rental, you can still take advantage of the ocean with a practically free beach day! Just organize Miami group transportation

Bring beach games, paddleboards, kayaks and anything else you can think of for a fun, affordable day in the sun. Just don’t forget sunscreen!

Escape Room

Beware, this one is only for the level-headed! Those with short tempers should steer clear before they end up ruining a professional relationship lol.

All jokes aside, these are great team building activities where you have to work together to solve the problems ahead of you.
Our favorite escape experience is Nexus Escape Room. They’ve got a few different themes that are great for all sorts of groups!

nexus escape room

Money-Saving Tips

When booking your next corporate event remember that almost all of these activities are cheaper on weeknights and during the off-season.

Another great way to save money is by trying to score an early bird discount by booking 6 or more months in advance. You will also have the largest number of choices when booking far in advance, allowing you to pick the most affordable option.


Miami hosts thousands of corporate events a year and is a great place for team building. There are endless activities both indoors and outdoors, as well as delicious restaurants and beautiful hotels.

Whether you’re planning team-building exercises, networking events, or simply a retreat to recharge, Miami provides an array of options to meet every need and exceed expectations.

And don’t forget, a Miami party bus is the best way to transport your colleagues no matter the activity!


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