Miami Transportation – A Breakdown

Miami bachelorette party bus

Miami is a spread-out metropolis with a labor shortage, so finding reliable transportation options can be difficult. Especially during the Holidays! And the weekends. And even the weekdays, if we’re being honest with ourselves. Options include rental cars, taxis, Ubers, party buses, the Metrobus and hitchhiking. Of all these options we believe Double Black’s Miami party bus is the most fun option!

Now not all of these options were created equally, though there is the right time and place for each one of them! So keep reading this breakdown of Miami transportation and you’ll find out when to book a 24-passenger luxury party bus and when to throw up the hand for a taxi, and every ride in between!

Miami rental cars

Rental Car

If you’re staying anywhere outside of Miami Beach or Wynwood, we recommend renting a car for your trip! The 305 is very spread out, so unless you plan on being drunk the entire time, a rental car will come in handy!

Unfortunately, rental cars have gotten extremely expensive since the Covid shortage so you’ll be tempted to book the cheapest one. Don’t let yourself fall into this trap! You very well might end up with no AC which can be fatal in the Florida heat. On the other end of the spectrum, Miami has a ton of luxury car rentals, so consider booking a sports car convertible. But if you do, make sure you buy the insurance policy! Or book it with a platinum express and the insurance is included!


Miami has a ton of taxi companies, unfortunately they all seem to run on the same schedule so you’ll likely either have your choice of 5 or none. Easy places to find them are the airport, Miami Beach, E11even, and Wynwood. If you are a night owl and like to stay until last call, you may have a difficult time finding one. They are also quite expensive and charge for each additional person over 2, so be wary!


Ubers are often cheaper than taxis and overall the better option in Miami. They don’t have any hidden fees and you can track them on their way to pick you up. Instead of taxis saying they’re on their way, only to be late by an hour or more. Unfortunately, both Ubers and Taxis are known to have no AC and instead blast the window down your face.

Jackson Hole Party Bus

Party Bus

If you are a group of 8 or more, renting a party bus could be a great option! Double Black has custom built 24-passenger party buses that are outfitted with surround sound speakers, LED mood lighting, wraparound seating and ice bars. They are much better than limos in our biased opinion because they can fit 24 people and have room to dance!

While most people book a Miami party bus for their night on the town, you can also book it for golf transportation, with room for dozens of sets of clubs. They also offer great multi-day discounts, so consider booking them as your transportation for the entire trip if you are staying in Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale!


The Metrobus is a great affordable option to get around Miami if you can be flexible with time and comfort. There are close to a 1,000 buses in the Metrobus network and almost 100 routes, so you can be sure to find one that works with your schedule. It might be uncomfortably hot though!


The 305 can be a tricky place to navigate, especially in the winter and peak-season. We hope this breakdown taught you a thing or two about Miami transportation and will help you plan out your next trip. And if you decide you need a Miami party bus for one or all of your days there, request a quote today!

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