How Much is a Party Bus in Miami?

Are you considering a party bus rental in Miamibut worried about the price? Have no fear, we have written this insider’s guide to explore all of the different factors in price and how to save money while still having the most fun as possible!

Miami party bus rental

Why Book a Party Bus in Miami?

There are tons of reasons to rent a party bus in Jackson, whether it’s for a birthday party, bar crawl, wedding or night out on the town! We even made a list of the 11 occasions to rent a party bus in Miami that you can check out if you need inspiration. But now let’s dive into the factors of price including availability, passenger capacity and duration!

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How Long is the Party Bus Rental For?

Perhaps the biggest factor in the overall price of your party bus rental is the length of your rental. This is because party bus companies charge by the hour. So the longer you rent the bus, the higher your bill will end up. 

However, some companies offer a 6th hour free with a 5 hour rental and Double Black even offers half-day (8 hours) and full-day (12 hours)  specials that bring down the hourly rate by a lot. These are great discount options for events such as weddings and birthday parties.

How Many Passengers Fit on the Party Bus?

Capacity is one of the biggest factors when it comes to the price of your party bus rental. Party bus sizes can range from 16 passengers all the way up to 60, with the prices varying along the way. This is because the cost of the vehicle and the type of driver are both reflected in the price that you will be paying for your rental. 

A good way to save money is to book a party bus that fits the number of people in your group, but not many more. Otherwise you end up paying for seats that you don’t use!

Availability and Demand of Party Buses

The last thing that determines the price of your party bus is the availability and demand of party buses in Miami. Depending on the time of year there can be a large disparity in the demand for party buses. Demand is at its highest during wedding season and the ski holidays so if you are trying to rent one during peak season, it’s best to book it out far in advance. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you can save a lot of money by booking a party bus in the off-season or on certain days of the week. For example, Double Black offers great weekday specials Sunday through Wednesday!

So How Much is a Party Bus in Miami??

Prices vary depending on passenger capacity and the size of the vehicle. They start at around $165 an hour for 16 passenger vehicles on weeknights and can go up to $300 per hour for 60 person vehicles on weekends during high season. However, because of Double Black’s discounted prices on weekdays and half-day, full-day specials, our prices can be as low as $150 an hour for a 24 passenger vehicle!

To bring it down even lower, ask about our multi-day discounts that are designed for groups needing transportation all weekend long.

Miami party bus prices


Party bus prices can fluctuate depending on your group size, when you need them and for how long. But you can save money by booking in advance, getting a bus just big enough for your group and finding duration discounts. We hope you enjoyed our insider’s guide to how much a party bus rental is in Miami. Please let us know if you have any other tips on saving money in the comments below!

Also, if you’re interested in a Miami party bus rental request a quote today!