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A Visitor’s Guide to Staying in Fort Lauderdale

Are you considering spending a weekend in Fort Lauderdale?

Whether it’s for a Miami bachelorette party, a golfing weekend or any other special occasion, visiting Fort Lauderdale is never a bad idea. 

There’s great shopping at the Galleria and Sawgrass Mills, fun tours and easy access to the Ocean. 

It’s also a great lodging option for the Miami area because of its abundant supply of large Airbnb’s.

However, Fort Lauderdale is approximately 40 minutes from Downtown Miami.

 This makes transportation a crucial part of the planning process if you plan on partying in Miami while staying in Fort Lauderdale. 

This guide will go over transportation, entertainment and dining options, so you can decide if Fort Lauderdale is the right place for you to spend your next Miami vacation.

Fort Lauderdale transportation

Fort Lauderdale Transportation

There are a ton of transportation options while staying in Fort Lauderdale. 

For short trips, Ubers are super easy and convenient. 

However, they are not always the best option if you want guaranteed AC or have a large group. 

Here are our recommendations:

Party Bus

Booking a Miami party bus is the most fun way to transport yourself from Fort Lauderdale to downtown Miami or any other destination for that matter. 

However, they can be expensive so it is best used if your group is made up of 8 or more people. 

How to save on a party bus

Another great way to save money is by booking a round-trip rate where you only have access to the bus at the beginning and end of the reservation. 

Only pay for what you use

This way you can get a ride around lunchtime and spend the whole day in Downtown Miami before heading home and you don’t have to worry about paying for the bus when you’re not utilizing it!

Fort Lauderdale party bus

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Car Rental

Renting a car can be a very smart option for people staying in Fort Lauderdale. Especially if you have a sober driver! 

You will have a ton of freedom on when and where you want to travel throughout the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area.

Just make sure that whoever is driving is sober because cops are always on the lookout for drunk driving in the 305.


Water Taxi

Fort Lauderdale is known as “The Venice of America,” because of its network of canals surrounding the New River. 

You’ll definitely want to hop on one of these as your bop between tourist attractions. 

You can even buy an all-day pass!

We recommend a combination of water taxis and a Miami party bus for visitors staying in Fort Lauderdale!

Fort Lauderdale Restaurants

We recommend eating your best meals in Downtown Miami because of the large number of delicious restaurants.

If you’re traveling with a large group check out our guide to the Best Miami Restaurants for Large Groups. This is because the quality of restaurants on average is lower in Fort Lauderdale than Miami.

However, there are still some good options for when you want to stay close!

640px Grilled cheese sandwiches

New York Grilled Cheese

The perfect lunch stop for a big group or family, The New York Grilled Cheese is up pretty much everyone’s alley.

They even have a delicious vegan option!

We recommend stopping here after the beach day.

Sea Watch on the Ocean

This delicious seafood restaurant serves up lunch and dinner 50 yards away from the ocean where it gets its supplies.

It’s been operating for close to 50 years and we recommend the crab tostada!

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Fort Lauderdale Entertainment

While Miami is one of the largest entertainment centers in the world, Fort Lauderdale also has some great options:

The Beach

There are several great beaches in Fort Lauderdale including Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Central and Sebastian Street.

All of them offer a great place for swimming, lounging, fishing, biking and kayaking.

There are also convenient public restrooms, parking, restaurants and shops.

Loxahatchee Everglades Tour

A perfect reason to ride on an airboat, this tour is filled with opportunities to see wildlife including alligators, snakes, turtles, otters and birds.


There are several great public golf courses in the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area, including Osswald, Grande Oaks, Jacaranda and the Club at Emerald Hills.

Conclusion: Fort Lauderdale Guide

Fort Lauderdale is a great place to spend a weekend if you’re visiting the Miami area.

There are beautiful beaches, delicious restaurants and challenging golf courses.

Transportation is the biggest hurdle while staying in Miami, but there are a bunch of options. The most fun of which is a party bus provided by a Miami party bus!

Though no one has ever said no to a water taxi for short rides.

Let us know your thoughts on staying in Fort Lauderdale and feel free to reach out if you need a quote for your next party bus adventure.

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