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9 Best Miami Events for a Party Bus

Are you looking to host an event in Miami? Do you love party buses? Well then you’ve come to the right place! There are all sorts of events you can host on a Miami party bus for almost any occasion whether it be a bachelor(ette) party, anniversary, birthday, reunion, corporate event or any other cause for celebration. Between their fun amenities and group transportation capabilities, party buses are great for amping up the night. Without further ado, here are our 10 best Miami events to use a party bus with!

Miami Party Bus

Miami Brewery Tour

There are dozens of awesome breweries in Miami, making it the perfect place to go on a pub crawl with friends and family. Because of how much space it takes to have a 30-barrel production facility, most of the Miami breweries are away from Downtown, making it a great time to book a party bus for transportation.  We recommend picking 3 - 5 stops, depending on how much time you have and your drinking capabilities.

Boozy Brunch

Is there a better way to start a Saturday or Sunday morning than a boozy brunch? Yes, by taking a party bus to and from your brunch destination! Miami has dozens of bottomless mimosa options, but our favorite is Jaya at the Setai. There is a pool with a jazz band in the middle of it! Bottomless includes champagne, white wine, rose and a mojito bar, however this does not come cheap at $98. You can make up for it by booking a party bus through Double Black, where we offer great daytime discounts!

Miami Brunch

Boat Outing

Another great way to capitalize on our daytime discounts is by using our Miami party bus to get to one of the many local marinas. Miami’s boat offerings include party barges, yachts, sunset cruises and more. Trust us, you need to get out on the water while visiting the 305!


Miami has one of, if not the best nightlife in the country, including a couple of fantastic 24 hour nightclubs. We are of course talking about E11even and Space. Unfortunately, E11even has gotten ludicrously expensive for bottle service and their GA line is typically unbearable (for guys that is, if you are an all ladies group you might be able to cut the line). Luckily, Space still has very reasonable GA pricing and is always loads of fun, they are most famous for their sunrise sets (yes, you read that correctly lol). Other honorable mentions include LIV Miami, Story and Basement.

Space Miami


Contrary to popular belief, not every party bus adventure has to be booze related! Don’t believe us, we have clients taking one of our party buses to the bowling alley for their 12-year-old’s birthday party all of the time. Kids love limo buses for the same reason adults do, loud music, LED mood lighting and feeling like you’re a celebrity. Bowling is a great option to pair it with if you’re not a huge drinker or underaged. It’s also a great option if you are a huge drinker!

Golf Tournament

Golfing is another great wholesome-as-you-want-it-to-be activity that can be supplemented with the use of a party bus. Miami is surrounded by some of the country’s best public golf courses but they can be a little too far of a drive if you plan on partaking at the 19th hole. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! A Miami party bus is the perfect ride for any golf tournament with enough room to fit over a dozen sets of clubs and two TVs to watch whatever sports are going on that day.

Restaurant Crawl

Everyone has obviously heard of a bar crawl, but have you ever been on a restaurant crawl?? There’s simply no better way to explore a city, especially Miami, than by hitting 3 - 5 restaurants, enjoying one or two shared courses at each stop. Make sure to include a couple of latin spots, a seafood tower and some sushi for a truly unique to Miami dining experience. How else will you get a chance to try all of the places you’ve been reading about in a booze-fueled weekend?

Beach Day

You have to visit at least one of Miami’s 16 beautiful beaches during your visit and we can help you get there!  All 16 of them offer something different and can be the perfect place for you to spend a day, ranging from the glamorous South Beach to the clothing optional Haulover Beach. Our extra-large luggage compartment can hold whatever beach toys necessary while you get to jam to your favorite Jimmy Buffet tunes on the way.

Rooftop Bars

One of the best ways to combine sightseeing, alcohol and delicious food is by stopping at one (or three?) of Miami’s rooftop bars. Some of our favorites are on top of downtown hotels because not only do they offer the best views of the Ocean but also some of the best food. Our top two are Watr at the 1 Hotel with beautiful ocean views and Rosa Sky, the rooftop bar at the Element Hotel where you will enjoy views of Downtown and Brickel

Conclusion: Miami Party Bus for Events

Miami is one of our nation’s best places to host events, whether you’re a local or not. There are endless entertainment options and the best way to take advantage of them is with the help of a Miami party bus. The music, lights and wraparound seating create the perfect intimate party setting for any occasion. If you’re having difficulty with the event planning process, give us a shout and we will bring our partying expertise to the cause!

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